Thursday, October 27, 2011

The "Thumb-kin" Patch

You all know of my obsession with all crafts that include handprints and footprints. Today we used our thumbprints to make these adorable pumpkin patches. This is a great activity to do with kids who aren't quite ready for crafting on their own as well as those craving some independence with scissors and paint.

For this craft, we used:
Blue and green construction paper
Orange Paint
Paper Plate

1.  To prep for this activity, I put a little drop of orange paint on each child's paper plate.  I also cut the 8x10 sheets of blue construction paper in half and cut (approximately) 2''-3'' strips of green construction paper for the grass.

2.  Then, I helped each child use the scissors to trim "grass" out of their strip of green construction paper, being careful not to cut all the way through the strip.  For some of the kids, I had to literally put my hand over theirs and cut.  For others, I just held the paper for them.

3.  Next, they put a line of glue on the bottom of their blue sheets and glued the grass onto their pages.

4.  Then, I dress a green squiggly line on each page for the pumpkin vine.
(See the top picture for a sample)

5.  The kids then dipped their thumbs into the orange paint and put pumpkins on and near their vine.  For my youngest child, I dipped his thumb in the paint and helped him press it onto the paper.

6.  While the prints dried, we painted other pictures.

7.  Once they were dry, I drew vines connecting some of the pumpkins and put the words "My 'Thumb-kin' Patch" on the bottom.

**It would also be cute to add scarecrows and Fall stickers to these pictures.**

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  1. How CUTE is this idea? I'll be trying this one for sure! thanks for sharing.. oh, and I clicked on TopMommy for ya! :) Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Oh, I'm going to love reading your posts! This is so cute and colorful.

    Thanks so much for joining the Flock Together hop this week and for following Mom's Best Nest. I am now your 198th follower!

    Hope to see you at Flock Together on Tuesday.

  3. My kids love crafting and I always look out for sites with lots of craft ideas. You have them in abundance and I'll be visiting often to tap from your ideas. Thanks for linking up to Welcome To Weekend Blog Hop. Following you.

  4. We done these this morning. They turned out super cute. Thanks for sharing!