Checklist for Your Wedding

Months and months of planning can make you completely overwhelmed and, due to all that, you may forget some more or less important details. And trust me, you sure don’t want that type of stress on your wedding day. So in order to avoid that, I’ve created this ultimate checklist you can follow.



Make sure you confirm the arrangements and make sure everyone has the exact directions and the cell phone number to your official contact person.

Final payments

A good idea would be to pay your vendors ahead of time. This way, you don’t have to try to remember what you owe to whom on the day of your wedding.

Insurance policy

When you give the final payments to the vendors, have each of them sign a document that indicates they received it. So if anyone tries to claim they weren’t paid, you will have proof against them.

Tip envelopes

If you are planning on tipping someone such as the DJ, wait staff, banquet captain etc., make sure you prepare envelopes with their names on it and fill them with the correct amounts of money you are willing to give.

Some extra cash

Speaking of tips, you might want to show your gratitude to someone who has gone beyond his call of duty. This is why a good idea would be to carry some extra cash with you on the wedding day.



If you are staying in a hotel overnight before the reception, make sure you drop your luggage off the night before, or have someone such as a friend or family member drop it off the morning of the ceremony.

Honeymoon packing

Speaking of early packing, make sure to pack your honeymoon luggage as well as all the required documents and passports earlier. This way, you will have one less worry.

Wedding items

Things like wedding favors, cake knife, toast glasses etc. should be delivered to your reception site 2-3 days beforehand so the employees can prepare everything and set the tables on time. A smart move would be to find a trusted friend or family member to get everything to the ceremony site beforehand as well.

Car hire


You should ask around to see which companies are trustworthy and check whether the car you hired is only for the bride or for both of you. For my fellow Aussies, I would definitely recommend Queen street wedding & car hire because they are the best around.

Naming the tunes

Your favorite song may already be covered or remade by thousands of different bands or DJs, so make sure you double-check with your band or DJ whether they have the version you want.

Discussion with the photographer


You shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Give the photographer a list of people you want to be photographed together and also talk to them about the type of photos you want to have – vintage style, candid, classic, black and white etc.

Photography schedule

This way, you will ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you and the bridesmaids, for example, have your photos scheduled at 2 pm, be at the location at 1.45 fully dressed and made up. And make sure everyone takes this seriously.

Prepare for the rain

If you’ll be having an outdoor ceremony, make sure you have the tent set up and umbrellas for all the guests just in case.

Gift caretaker

Designate someone to take presents home in advance and give them the house key so you have everything there when you return from the ceremony.



Have someone well-organized arrive early to the ceremony and ensure everything is in order.

Legal documents

Give those to someone responsible in order to ensure nothing gets lost. Some honeymoon locations may give you special perks if you prove that your trip is actually a honeymoon trip.

The end time

Double-check the end time with the venue and give this information to vendors and guests to prevent unnecessary costs of overtime fees.

Finally, a good idea is to also pack an emergency kit for your big day including: hairspray, bobby pins, lip gloss etc. for last minute preps, as well as pantyhose, umbrella, stain remover, tissues and backup copies of your desired music just in case.

The Importance of an Annual Health Check

We all like to think that we are doing all that we can to be as healthy as possible. However, most people don’t visit their doctors nearly as often as they should, and they seem to only go there when they’re already sick. However, it’s clear to everyone that when we talk about health, prevention is always better than treatment. So let’s see how often you should visit your doctor to make sure your health is at your prime.

All-around check-up

The most important check-up you should do is one with a general practitioner once per year. They will do a complete examination of all of your vital functions and make sure that there aren’t any major issues that need to be addressed immediately. If they do notice something that could be cause for concern, they will refer you to a specialist who will examine you further. You should always be completely honest with your GP. They don’t have too much time to examine you, so you need to tell them if you’ve noticed any problems that they should focus on, like shortness of breath, dizziness, pain or other discomforts. They might also ask you about your lifestyle and give you some tips for improving it.



You might think that visiting your dentist shouldn’t be at the top of your priority list, however, the dentist can discover a lot of health issues just by looking at your teeth and gums. These include infections in the body, diabetes and heart problems. But also – the health of your teeth. If any of your teeth are damaged, corroding or inflamed, it could severely impact your diet and lifestyle. In addition, beyond looking for problems that can be nipped in the bud, they might also recommend some new treatments for non-urgent issues which couldn’t be fixed in the past. If you’re an adult with crooked teeth, but you don’t want to wear braces because of their appearance there are options such as Invisalign at Bondi Junction, which is a completely invisible set of braces that can straighten your teeth.

Fitness assessment

Health means nothing if we aren’t fit enough to do things we want. This is why everyone should not only have a regular exercise routine, but also have a fitness assessment every year to see where they stand and whether there’s something they should adjust in their routine. A professional fitness trainer will spend about an hour testing your strength, stamina and flexibility. They will ask you about your workout routine, lifestyle and whether you had any previous injuries. If they find your fitness on a satisfying level, they will give you a thumbs up and perhaps suggest a new routine, if you want to improve further. However, if your fitness isn’t on a high enough level, they will most certainly give you a program that you should stick to and tell you to come back in a few months for a re-assessment.



The last thing you should check (at least) yearly, is your bloodwork. Having your blood analyzed is the best way to spot any potential problems before they start showing symptoms. Have a doctor go over the results and check your sugar and cholesterol levels, iron, potassium and look for any other irregularities. Your GP might ask you to have your blood drawn before coming in, and recommend appropriate actions if any measures need to be taken. These issues can usually be adjusted with dietary changes or by taking some supplements.

Our health should be a priority for us, and no matter how busy our lifestyle is, we need to make time to visit the doctor and check up on our physical health.


Outdoor Wedding – Pros and Cons

Planning a wedding is a beautiful but stressful period with so many aspects to it that it’s practically impossible for one person to do it alone. That’s okay – it’s why there are usually two people doing it. But with so many things going on, it’s easy to direct your focus on the napkins or the flowers when you still haven’t taken care of the venue choice. And a big decision to be made will always be: indoor or outdoor? There are many downsides to an outdoor wedding, but do the positive ones outweigh it?

Pro: Longer guest list


Very often, having an outdoor wedding means that it’s easier for people to have a longer guest list and invite more people because there’s no strict restriction on how many people the space can fit. And even if you invite the same number of people that you would in a closed space – it feels roomier. When you are out in the open, everyone feels free and like they have more space.

Con: Weather


Let’s address the obvious one. If it was always a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze, very few people would actually have their wedding indoors. But the weather is unpredictable, and you might find yourself running under the nearest shelter to escape a sudden downpour. It’s important to pick the right date and to look at the weather forecast often, but most importantly – you need to have a backup plan. Whether it’s a nearby indoor venue or a large tent that your guests can hide under, you have to take it into consideration. There’s also the danger of some food ingredients melting or the drinks getting too warm if the weather is too hot.

Pro: It’s beautiful

There really isn’t any venue that can compare to a stunning beach wedding or a fairy tale forest getaway. Unless, of course, it’s a beautiful outdoor wedding venue location. It’s good to have the logistics support of a closed object nearby, but everything from the ceremony to the photos will look better if you’re outdoors. Nature is beautiful, and if you allow it to be your wedding décor, you will have the most breathtaking wedding day.

Con: Fighting with nature

As beautiful as nature is, it also has some downsides. When the night falls, it can rapidly get colder, and your guests might not come prepared, so have some cardigans and blankets around. Mosquitoes will come biting, so lighting up special candles to keep them away is a good strategy to use. Lastly, you can never know if one of your guests will be allergic to a plant that is abundant nearby. You can ask them in the invitations, or you can go out with an expert to the location to check if there are any plants that are known allergens or that can cause a negative reaction when touched.

Pro: Family-friendly

Two things can happen to kids at an indoor wedding: they will get bored because they have to sit down inside, or they will get irritated by the crowded space and the music that is too loud. But outside, kids can be free to be kids without interrupting any important parts of the ceremony. You can even set up a small play area where they can have fun and be loud without bothering anyone. Extra points if you hire a babysitter to watch them while the adults are attending the ceremony.

Outdoor weddings have so many amazing advantages, and the cons can most often be easily avoided with the right preparation. So, when you’re looking at venues, don’t be scared to look towards the outdoors. Enjoy your wedding with all of your guests under the sun and the stars and breathe the fresh new air of marriage.

The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are plenty of benefits that come with having whiter teeth (and wanting to smile more often). It’s not just about the aesthetic beauty of whiter teeth, it’s about your overall mood and self-confidence as well. Wanting whiter teeth is a common desire, but is it worth the extra cost to get professional teeth whitening at your Dentist’s office instead of opting for over-the-counter methods? The short answer is yes. Over-the-counter whitening treatments or whitening strips that you can buy at your local drug store are not going to yield the same results as a professional teeth-whitening treatment at your Dentist’s office.

Professional whitening may be slightly more expensive, but it should save you money in the long run since the results are more effective and last longer. In-office whitening with your trusted Dentist is the safest and most reliable way to get that perfect Hollywood smile. If you’re thinking of fixing stained, dull or yellow teeth, you’ll be happier with the results if you seek treatment from a professional. Below are some benefits of opting for professional teeth whitening, along with some general benefits that come with whiter teeth:

Customized Results

Dr. Cowen at Juban Cowen Dental Care reminds us that an in-office, professional whitening treatment is the best way to get a customized treatment plan. For example, if two of your teeth are much more yellow than the others, your Dentist can customize the whitening treatment to ensure those two teeth get extra attention. Only a professional treatment can give you the customization and tailored results that you’re after. The drug store brand is a one-treatment-fits-all mentality, and it may not suit your specific whitening needs.

Faster and Better Results

Do you want whiter teeth, as fast as possible? Professional teeth whitening is the best way to get fast and amazing results. Some professional teeth whitening treatments can get you results in an hour, whereas over-the-counter whitening strips can take weeks to garner results. These results might not even be satisfactory after all of that waiting time. Not only will the results of an in-office whitening treatment be faster, but the results will be better (and whiter) too!

It’s Safe and Comfortable

Your professional service includes special attention to your sensitivities. If your teeth are extra sensitive, your Dentist will pay attention to this to ensure that you are comfortable during your treatment. It’s also much safer to get your teeth whitened professionally. You don’t have to worry about risking an over-application or damaging your tooth enamel.

Improved Self-Confidence

Confidence is attractive. Do you know what else is attractive? Someone who smiles. You’ll kill two birds with one stone when you get your teeth whitened, because you’ll be more confident and you’ll be inclined to smile more. A beautiful smile is like a magnet – it attracts people all around you, and draws people in. Everyone wants to be around someone who smiles a lot – perhaps you simply need an excuse to smile more? Freshly whitened teeth can be that reason to smile more.

Better Oral Health

Another benefit of a professional whitening treatment is better oral health. Your teeth are simultaneously being cleaned and polished with the removal of stains and plaque during a professional whitening session. Therefore, your teeth are getting cleaner, stronger and healthier. This improves your overall oral health, and this also improves your oral hygiene. (Teeth whitening can even improve bad breath!)

You’ll Gain More Trust And Notice Better First Impressions

Recent studies have shown that individuals with whiter teeth are seen as being more trustworthy, dependable, attractive, professional and successful. Whether it’s a job interview, a sales pitch, a first date or an important meeting, your white teeth will give you an added advantage.

A Better Mood

Studies have linked an improved mood with smiling more. Since your beautiful, white teeth will have you smiling more, it’s obvious that teeth whitening treatment can actually improve your overall mood.  The physical act of smiling induces a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing certain feel-good hormones including dopamine and serotonin. Smiling really is that powerful – it can reduce stress and trick your brain into feeling happier.