New Year Resolutions Every Mom Should Think About

With 2018 just around the corner, December is usually a month of hectic Christmas and New Year’s Eve planning.

We’re willing to bet that between getting your kids ready for their daily activities, tending to the household, your own job and prepping food, you don’t have much time left to take a breather and reflect on the past year.

And if that’s the case, then we offer seven resolutions you should consider fulfilling starting this January 1st. Make it your credo, your new mantra, a promise to yourself.

Sleep is NOT for the weak

“You can nap when your kid naps” is probably the biggest pile of baloney parents utter. Their kids are either the soundest of sleepers, or they just try to mask the suffering of unslept nights. Most of us wait for the youngest ones to fall asleep so we can tend to other things in the house we can’t do while they’re up. But in 2018, try to slow down your tempo. Leave some things unfinished to catch those half hour worth of Z’s. The world won’t end, even if you think otherwise.

More dates

Remember those? Remember the time when you and your significant other could just go to a dinner and a movie, or just walk down the park and eat those delicious hot dogs in the cool night air? Yeah, me neither. Like an unwritten rule, your love life (and sex!) take a back seat when the kids arrive. But whether you’re a new mom or a true veteran matriarch, fighting to rekindle the fire with your significant other never stops. Do yourself a favor starting this January, and hire a sitter at least once every two weeks to go on a date night.


Another whopping topic on our list is every mom’s sex life once family cuts in. We tend to neglect intimacy simply due to exhaustion and the lack of mental stimuli (there is nothing stimulating about overdue projects, long work hours or heaps of laundry and kids’ homework). Try and include tiny little signs of affection (such as dirty texts, exchange looks and simply be gentle with each other), and see how you slowly build the much-needed attraction back up.

More you time

By “you time” we don’t mean necessarily going shopping or out clubbing with your girlfriends (although those are welcome, too!) You time can also include reading a good book, watching that movie that’s been collecting dust on your Netflix list, paint your nails, or take a bath. Not only will you feel better, but it’ll also allow for your mind to recalibrate. Be honest with yourself – how long ago did you start forgetting about all that needs to be done throughout the day? This might be just what the doctor ordered to remedy the issue.

Treat yourself

Once a month, just once a month at least, designate a day when you will pamper yourself in full. Visit a cosmetic surgery clinic and get that makeover you’ve been dreaming of the past few years. Or go take a day off at the spa. Buy that small haul of new clothes without guilt – the world is your oyster! This 2018 is the perfect year to work more towards being the best woman you can be, and not only a mom.

Focus on the important

Going down the lane of „always remember everything“ will ultimately drive you insane. We’re expected to keep everything in our head: know where everyone’s socks are, which shelf the cereals are on, if those bananas in the fridge are still good (like they can’t tell themselves!), and much more. Storing a lot of irrelevant information will start to push out the relevant ones, and lead you quicker to exhaustion. So start designating who remembers what around the house, so that you can spend more time focusing on what’s really important.


Last, but not least, reflect. Think back on the entire year, and what you’ve achieved. Where could you have done better? What could you have done differently? What was the proudest moment of 2017, and how can you get more of those moments in 2018? Spend more time with your family even before New Year’s Eve, and appreciate them, flaws and all. ‘Tis the season to be grateful for what we have.

In the end

We spend far too much time rushing and running around, thinking we have to be super moms 24/7. But it’s far from true. We’re human, and we need the break humans get, instead of the world on their shoulders, like superheroes. Prioritize yourself sometimes, and it will return tenfold. Stress far less in the next year and don’t fret the little things. Everything will come into place.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

The holidays are a time when you focus on peace and of course, celebrations. However, most holiday decorations eat up energy, consists of using dead trees and are clearly bad for the environment.

That is as far from eco-friendly as you can possibly get right? Well here is some good news! I want to let you know in this post that you can decorate for the holidays in ways that are considered to be eco-friendly.

Below are tips on how you can do that:

Use LED Candles

Flickering candles definitely create a festive atmosphere and people love them, however, they are dangerous when kids and pets are around, not to mention they can aggravate allergies.

Therefore you can still have candles but without those risks. You can have those lightweight, reusable LED candles that are made of real wax and are even meant to flicker the same way as traditional candled- but without the messy wax, flame and smoke!

Therefore, they are environmentally friendly and much safer for your lungs. And the indoor quality won’t be affected either. You also don’t have to worry about your home burning down! LED candles are a win-win when it comes to being eco-friendly for the holidays and creating a festive atmosphere.

LED Holiday Lights

Incandescent lights use up a lot of electricity, they burn out and break, don’t last long and are expensive. Therefore, they can be a frustrating part of preparing for the holidays. At the same time, without lights, the holiday spirit is lacking!

The great news is that you can use LED lights instead because they use quite a bit less electricity, they last longer, they don’t break or burn out and save you a lot of money!

They are also very nice looking as they come in a variety of colors. They also are inexpensive, and more and more people are using LED lights over the incandescent ones.

Interesting Challenge Coin Decoration

Coin displays are a unique retirement gift or a rewarding gift and an impressive way to say thank you for your exquisite efforts.

Perfectly designed challenge coins in a nice stand can make your memories live forever and will make your house look pretty in the Christmas time as well.

Create Wreath Out of Fabric

Many wreaths require you to cut off tree branches to make them. However, you can be creative and find an eco-friendly way to make wreaths instead.

For example, you can make a wreath by using old scraps of fabric and they are not necessarily hard to do. All you have to do is get creative. You can also go to craft stores like Michael’s to see what other eco-friendly parts you can get to make a wreath.

Faux Cedar Centerpieces

If you use real pine centerpieces, you know you are killing and injuring trees, at the same time if you get faux pine centerpieces- you are getting decoration that is made out of toxic material which can give off harmful dioxins.

Therefore, both of those options are not good for the environment. The good news is that you can have an eco-friendly pine centerpiece on the table. This kind of cedar pine centerpiece is made from PE or polyethylene, and it is safe, recyclable and looks identical to the traditional types! Not to mention, it is reusable!

Recycled Cardboard Christmas Tree

Recycled cardboard Christmas trees are incredibly eye-catching, even more so than the real tree. This way no new trees are being killed and you can buy them in green or white. They can be decorated with paint, crayons, and paper. These are much better than the alternative.

If you are trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and you have been concerned that you couldn’t maintain this lifestyle during the holidays, now you know you can! Have fun and have a happy, safe and green holiday!

31 Days of March Crafts for Kids

The month of March is a busy one that offers plenty of craft potential. Moms, daycare providers, scout leaders, and others who want to plan enjoyable activities for kids can choose from the coming of spring to Dr. Seuss Week to St. Patrick’s Day to religious holidays such as Easter and Passover as the theme for 31 days of crafts. Fortunately, bloggers have documented loads of fun ideas for kids of all ages. We have attempted to pull out some of the most interesting craft choices.

When you click through too many of the crafts on our list, you will be directed to additional related crafts.

Celebrating The Key Themes Of The Month

Children’s author Dr. Seuss was born on March 2, so his birthday is the reason for a week-long Read Across America celebration. Crafts inspired by some of his most popular stories are a good way to bring his catchy rhymes and intriguing tales to life.

  1. The Shape of Me Dr. Seuss Mural
  2. Suess Hats
  3. One Fish Two Fish Dr. Seuss Craft Origami Fish
  4. Lorax Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids
  5. The Cat in the Hat Clothespin Craft!
  6. Horton Flower Pots


Spring arrives on March 21, but the whole month signals the start of spring crafts rather than winter themed ones,

  1. Bumblebee Toilet Paper Roll Craft
  2. Rainbow Pour Painting
  3. Butterfly Coffee Filter and Egg Carton Craft
  4. Bluebird of Happiness
  5. Spring Tulip Bouquet
  6. Spring Handprint Card


St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 is a favorite day that many people like to celebrate with parades, parties, and crafts.


  1. Shamrock Puppy
  2. Pot of Gold Craft
  3. Shamrock Mask
  4. Rainbow Shamrock Garland
  5. Button Rainbow
  6. Leprechaun Hats


While the dates for Easter and Passover change each year, in 2018 Passover starts on the evening of March 30, while Easter lands on April 1. Each holiday has a deep religious meaning that can be imparted to kids through crafts. Children of all faiths can learn about other cultures, while Jewish and Christian children can learn more about their own faith.



Easter crafts are often an extension of spring-inspired projects.

  1. Egg Suncatchers
  2. Tissue Box Bunny
  3. Make Your Own Easter Egg Magnets
  4. Magic Color Scratch Easter Cross
  5. Lamb Easter Egg
  6. Bunny Party hats
  7. Popsicle Chicks


Passover crafts center around the riches tradition of Judaism.

  1. Felt Seder Plate
  2. Simple Origami Jumping Frogs
  3. Lego Seder Plate
  4. Moses Parting the Sea
  5. Elijahs Goblet
  6. Passover plagues finger puppet craft

Bonus crafts

  1. Labeling your children’s school items
This will increase the chances of any lost items being found. According to a recent study children loose more than one thousand items during their scholastic years. Name labels also encourage
your kids to learn how to read.


By splitting the month of March and the themes, you can give equal time to all there is to celebrate in this month. If your school closes for spring vacation sometime this month, many of the crafts on the list are excellent for moms to use at home to keep the kids occupied.