6 Organic Beauty Tips for Warmer Weather


The temperatures are slowly but surely heating up and we couldn’t be happier!


With a change in season comes a change in your current skin care routine and many of the things you were doing during the chillier months, may no longer be as effective for your skin during this new season of renewal.


To help you seamlessly make the transition into the new season, we thought we’d share 6 beauty tips so you can enjoy glowing, happy skin all season long!

Exfoliate the old layers away

Exfoliation is one of our favorite ways to quite literally slough away old skin layers to make way for the new, vibrant skin just waiting beneath the surface. Exfoliation also helps to boost circulation for firmer skin, helps to remove blackheads, and it helps your products to absorb at a deeper level. Be sure to choose an organic, natural exfoliator that won’t scratch, irritate or strip your skin.

Switch out your moisturizer for a lighter version

Those heavy, rich lotions you needed to keep your skin protected against the harsh winter air now need to make way for lighter, airier versions that will still provide all the moisture you need, without leaving your skin feeling heavy or greasy. Just make sure you opt for an all natural moisturizer, brimming in antioxidants and you’re good to go!


Renew overnight

Your skin renews overnight, while you get your beauty sleep, so help it along by applying a rich natural night cream, formulated with ingredients specifically for the job! Just be sure to wear a high SPF the day after sleeping in ingredients like retinol or Vitamin C, which can make your skin a little more sun sensitive.

Drink infused water

Drinking enough water is essential for keeping the skin hydrated and dewy from the inside out, but to really take it to the next level and to help to flush out toxins, try adding in some freshly squeezed lemon. This will provide a gentle, daily liver detox while helping to brighten the skin, reduce inflammation and protect against free radicals.

Don’t forget the SPF

This tip is important year round, but when it’s warmer outside and you’re more likely to be spending time outdoors and showing more skin, SPF becomes that much more important. To protect against skin cancer, as well as the signs of aging, be sure to apply a natural SPF of least 30 or higher, every time you head outside.


Get sweaty

Spring is a season of renewal, and one of our favorite ways to renew the body and enjoy a full body detox is to get sweaty through a full body workout! Of course, this should be something you enjoy so you’re more likely to stick with it. Find any activity that gets your blood pumping and your spirits soaring and just watch how your skin rewards you!


Not only will these tips help to get your skin spring ready, they’ll boost your energy levels too and leave you feeling good!


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