Friday, March 25, 2016

Easy Bunny Basket Spring Treats for Kids to Make

Easter is the perfect time for sweet treats and making memories in the kitchen! As a child, I remember making all sorts of desserts with jelly beans, chocolates, and marshmallows this time of year - and now I get to share those recipes with my own children. I love seeing their eyes light up as I pull out bags and bags of Easter candy for our creations!

 Recently, we combined some of our favorite candies to create Bunny Basket treats for our friends. The kids had as much fun making them as they did sharing (and eating) them later.
Bunny Basket Treats photo Bunny Basket Spring Treats_zpspdd54p8n.jpg

For our baskets, we used:
Crispy Rice Cereal
Speckled Jelly Beans
Coconut Flakes
Green Food Coloring
Marshmallow Peep Bunnies and Chicks
Rainbow colored licorice
Plastic Easter Egg (optional)

I started by making a batch of traditional crispy rice treats.  There are lots of recipes out there for this, but my favorite is melt 3 tablespoons of butter in a large pot.  Combine in one bag of miniature marshmallows and melt completely.  Remove from heat and stir in 6 cups of crisped rice cereal.

While the cereal mixture was still warm (but not too hot!), I formed 12 baseball sized balls for the kids.  I recommend spraying your hands with a bit of olive oil spray to make sure the mix doesn't stick to them.

The kids then used plastic Easter eggs to create a hole in the ball and create a nest shape.
Bunny Basket Treats3 photo Bunny Treats3_zps9dcz9lr4.jpg
We colored our coconut with a few drops of green food coloring and mixed it together with a fork.  Then, the kids added coconut "grass" to their basket shapes.  They added jelly beans to their baskets and then chose their favorite colored Twizzlers to serve as the basket handle.  I recommend adding a toothpick inside of the Twizzler and pressing it into the basket to help your handle stay in place.

We added bunnies and chicks to several of our baskets by inserting a toothpick into our peeps and then pressing them into our baskets.
Bunny Basket Treats2 photo Bunny Baskets Spring Treats2_zps0umuf8qb.jpg
The kids were so proud of their creations and couldn't wait to tell their friends which ones they had each made.  Since no real "cooking" is involved with these treats, they're the perfect dessert for the kids to make. They would also be a great classroom activity this Spring.  The kids are sure to love all the different colors and candies you can add to this project.

Yields - about 12 baskets

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