Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DIY Mother's Day Magnets for Kids to Make

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Mother's Day is just around the corner and there are so many fun options for gifts for kids to make. In the past, we've made potholders, flower-pots, fabric bags, and picture frames. This year, I have something fun up my sleeve for my daycare parents that I can't share just yet (in case they're reading), but I also let my older kids make these fun magnets and I was surprised at how much they LOVED the process.
Fun Magnets for Kids to make for Mom!

We recently received a shipment of fun products from and the kids couldn't wait to start creating with the Melty Beads.
Fun Magnets for Kids to Make for Mom!
We decided to make some fun magnets for the moms (and dads).

I helped them create the words "MOM" and "DAD" on the board shape of their choice and then they got to work filling in the beads.  My 9-year-old also added "I <3" to his board.  (of course his <3 was facing the correct way).
Fun Magnets for Kids to Make for Mom!
The packaging states that these are best for 5 and up.  My 2-year-old got about halfway through his magnet before he got bored, but my 4 and 5-year-old preschoolers loved this and, of course, my 9-year-old had a blast making patterns out of his.  As always, YOU know your children best.  Please be sure to supervise all crafts and make sure that your child is ready to use these without eating them.  
Fun Magnets for Kids to Make for Mom!
After the kids finished their designs, I used an iron set on medium heat and the ironing papers provided with the boards to melt the beads together.

I will tell you that there is a learning curve to getting the beads to stick together without completely melting them and closing the holes.  I found it easiest to use some pressure and move in a circular pattern while counting to 10 slowly with the kids.  Let it cool for a minute and try to gently peel the paper up.  If it's not sticking, place the iron back on and press it longer (you have to be careful to get all areas of the shape).  Carefully, peel the paper off and flip your creation to the back.  Reuse your paper and iron the back to melt on both sides.
Fun Magnets for Kids to Make for Mother's and Father's Day!
To create the magnet, I used hot glue to attach a magnet strips to the back.  DON'T just rely on the magnet sticking by itself.  I did this with our first magnet (in the picture) and soon after we put it on the refrigerator, it fell off and broke.  Lesson learned!  Use the glue gun to attach the magnet.

The kids were so proud of their magnets and have had so much fun creating more magnets with their melting beads during Quiet Time!

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