Monday, September 23, 2013

Rainbow Bracelets for Preschool

We've been focusing on colors during our Theme Time in Daycare. One of the kids' favorite activities were these Fruit Loop color sorting bracelets. They were great for helping us match colors and build fine motor skills. Best of all, the kids got to eat our leftover materials.

For our bracelets, we only used two things:
pipe cleaners
Fruit Loops

To get started we sorted a big pile of Fruit Loops into piles by color.

Then, I gave the kids an assortment of pipe cleaners and had them thread the cereal onto the correct color.
To make it easier, we added a bend to the end of the pipe cleaners to keep the cereal from popping off.

After they had added as much cereal as the wanted, I twisted the ends of their pipe cleaners together and wrapped the excess along the length of the pipe cleaner.

The kids wore (and munched on) their bracelets for the rest of the day.

You could easily turn this into an activity to focus on patterns or practice counting the number of cereal pieces on each bracelet.  This is one of those great color activities that works no matter what color you're focusing on.

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