Monday, September 9, 2013

Exploring Shapes and the Color Red with Lego Printing

One of our activities for our Red Color Day involved painting with Legos.  My Daycare Kids were amazed with this activity and all the fun shapes and designs they could make.  They enjoyed the tactile experience and I was truly impressed with the connections they made exploring shapes and patterns.
Since it was Red Day, we went on a scavenger hunt to find red Legos in all shapes and sizes.  We used some of my older boys' small Legos and lots of different shape Duplo blocks from my 2-year-old's collection.  On a side note, I think if my kids could only choose one toy to keep from their entire collection, it would be Legos.

Once we had our Legos, I gave each of the kids a paper plate with red paint on it.  You'll notice that we had used these plates before - waste not, want not, my friends!

The kids explored stamping their Legos in different ways to see what shapes they could make.  My 2-year-old figured out how to use the top of his Legos to make circle patterns.  (Did you notice he was also wearing red for Red Day?)

One of my 4-year-olds commented that the small long Legos made a ladder shape when she thought it would be a rectangle.

The kids happily made squares, circles, and rectangles for over half an hour and filled several sheets of construction paper.  They even created patterns around the edges of their papers and tried to make pictures out of their shapes.

They are already asking if we can do this again with other colors.

If you are looking for more shape activities, you may want to check out our Shape Vehicles and Rock Shapes.  

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