Monday, September 16, 2013

Coffee Filter Apples

Last year, the kids had a great time making tie-dye pumpkins, so I thought we would use the same technique to make some apples this Fall.  We did some apple crafts as part of our Red Color Week.

To make the apples, we used:
red and white construction paper
coffee filters
red, yellow, and green markers
water bottle
red food coloring (optional)
tray or cookie sheet

1.  To protect our work surface, I used OLD cookie sheets (I really need to try out that Pinterest trick for cleaning them!) and put a sheet of paper on them.  You could also line your table with newspaper, but the kids just loved the patterns that were created on their papers while we worked.

2.  I gave each of the kids a coffee filter and red, green, and yellow markers.  This was a huge treat since we NEVER use permanent markers around here.  The kids had fun coloring their coffee filters with the markers.  My 2-year-old scribbled on his a little, but wasn't interested in coloring much that morning.  My 4-year-old, on the other hand, spent almost 30 minutes coloring an intricate pattern around the outside of her coffee filter.

3.  Then, the kids sprayed their coffee filters with a water bottle.  This was their favorite part.  The more water you use, the more your colors with blend.  I actually added a few drops of red food coloring to the water to help get more of a red tint for my son who didn't use his markers as much.
4.  We let our apples dry overnight.  They certainly didn't require this long to dry, but we got involved in other things and it's just easier to keep our craft time at the same time each day.  I cut apple shapes out of construction paper to form a border for the apples.  To do this, I made a fold in the red construction paper and free-handed an apple shape.  Then I cut another identical shape about 1/2 an inch or so inside the original shape.

5.  The next day, the kids put a layer of glue on the apple border with a glue stick and attached their coffee filters. 
Young children may find this difficult so you can always use your hand to guide them and show them exactly how far to wind the glue stick up.  You can also use liquid glue and help them squeeze small dots around along the border.
6.  Finally, we added a brown construction paper stem to finish off our apples.  These would look beautiful decorating a classroom or kitchen window.
By the way, I often get emails asking me what I do with the baby while the other kids are crafting.  For this activity, I gave the baby some of our construction paper and let him "paint" on it with water in his high chair.  He got some fine motor skill practice in with the paint brush and some sensory exploration while he figured out how the water effected the paper.

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  1. These are so cute! My kids love coloring coffee filters, so this is a great craft for us.

    1. Thanks Lorie! My kids love it, too! I have a feeling we're going to be doing a lot of coffee filter crafts. My mother bought 1000s of them in the wrong size and passed them on to us :)