Monday, August 5, 2013

5 Summer Party Essentials Brought to You by Home Wet Bar

Summer is the season for family get-togethers and backyard bar-b-ques.  It’s a time to relax with friends and enjoy the slower pace.  When planning a Summer Party, there are a few things that we always keep on our mini party checklist to make sure that our shindig is a success.

1.      Food – Perhaps the most important part of any party is the food.  Without fail, a hungry guest is a grumpy guest.  When planning a Summer get-together, try to think of foods that are quick to grab and munch, and quick to prepare.  A potluck is a great option to keep you from having to prepare all of the party food yourself.  Your local deli can also provide a great selection of sandwiches, salads, and other appetizers.    

2.      Drinks – Accompanying the food, a great beverage selection is necessary for a successful party.  Whether you’re offering “adult options” or keeping everything kid-friendly, you’ll want to provide beverage containers that keep your drinks cold and easily accessible.  Beverage Dispensers are great for serving things like lemonade and iced tea.  Large Beverage Buckets are convenient for keeping sodas and juice boxes within reach of smaller hands.  Adding frozen water balloons to your buckets is a colorful way to keep drinks cold without the mess of melted ice.

3.     Seating – It’s important to make sure that your guests are comfortable throughout your party.  Keep in mind any special needs for elderly guests or those with physical limitations.  It’s also nice to have a few booster seats or high chairs available for those who may be attending with babies and toddlers.  Your seating can range from posh patio sets to more simplistic folding chairs.  Don’t forget to take advantage of seating options that will add to your décor.  For example, a backyard barbeque lends itself to hay barrels and picnic tables, while beach blankets and towels can offer seating for kids at a luau. 

4.     Entertainment – Depending on the theme and the guests attending your party, you’ll want to offer some entertainment options to keep everyone happy.  You can enlist your husband or a teenager to create a playlist of music for the party.  Older children can help fill water balloons and organize some water games for the kids.  Relay races are always fun for multi-generational and family gatherings.  Check out this list of 20 Relay Races for Kids to get you started.  If your guest list doesn’t include any kids, you may want to check out these fun games geared for adults.
5.     Decorations – Creating the mood of a party can often be accomplished using a few simple tricks.  We love creating homemade banners for birthday parties and making food labels to reflect the theme of our party.  Adding white Christmas lights to a backyard can instantly create a festive feel for an evening party.  Some decorations like tiki lamps and citronella candles can serve double duty adding extra light and helping to keep away those pesky mosquitos.  Before buying a lot of decorations, be sure to check and see what you have in your home and don’t be afraid to use things in unusual ways.  Check out our Party Ideas board for lots of decorating tips and ideas.

The extra daylight hours and warm temperatures make summer the perfect time for creating memories with friends and family.  With a little preparation, you can ensure that when party time comes, you’ll be ready to kick back and relax – making some memories of your own!

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