Friday, July 19, 2013

8 Ways to Keep Baby Busy with The Weekly Kids Co-op

This week, Baby C has really come into his own. He has learned a new (screaming) way to communicate and a fun new game where he pulls EVERYTHING out of every cabinet, drawer, and toy box that he can get to before moving on to the next dumping ground. Needless to say, I have been using every trick in the book to keep my little man occupied without destroying the house.

1.  We recently pulled out this fun Pinterest idea.  I apologize - it's so prevalent that I didn't actually "pin" it, but I was pleasantly surprised at how long Baby C sat in his highchair working with pipe cleaners and a colander while I made dinner.

2.  The Water Table has also been a welcome respite from the heat and a great source of entertainment, especially when we added some of the 8 Essential Water Play Toys from Gift of Curiosity.  

Here are some other Baby Entertaining Ideas from last week's Weekly Kid's Co-op:

3.  Homemade Kool-aid Finger Paints from Learn Play Imagine

4.  And, there's more painting fun with this Edible Bath Paint from Jellibean Journals
edible bath paint for babies and toddlers

5.  If you have a teething little one or a baby who loves ribbons as much as mine does, check out these adorable Homemade Ribbon Teethers from Pain Vanilla Mom

6.  And I just love these little Baby Treasure Baskets from Living Montessori Now.  These would be great to whip up each week and swap them out for that dreaded Witching Hour before dinner!

Themed Treasure Baskets for Babies

7.  Here's a fun Block Drop game for babies from Seedlings Nursery School that can be altered to use things you already have on hand.

8.  I also found some great new ideas for Peek-a-boo bottles from Lessons Learnt Journal

Baby C is going to be having lots of fun in the next few weeks as we try out all these great ways to keep Baby busy and learning!

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  1. Thanks for including our Block Drop!! Have a lovely weekend!