Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 Toys to Cure the Summer 'Blahs'

With two Summer birthdays, we've gotten A LOT of new toys this summer. Most toys in our house have a shelf life of about 2 weeks before the boys move on to something else. A few have managed to hold their attention and have made life a lot more peaceful - and a lot more FUN this Summer!

1.  Lego Sets- These are always a big hit in our house.  The smaller Legos are a big treat for the older boys because they have to play with them in their room away from their baby brothers.  They love to build with them during afternoon Quiet Times and first thing in the morning before their younger brothers wake up.

2.  Water Guns - From the cheap 3-pack packages of water guns that I bought at Target for $.89 to the more expensive Super Soakers, my kids are enchanted with water guns!  One of their new favorite activities is to use them to shoot balloons like our Vaporize the Villains activity.  We've also used them to rescue our animals and figures from the clutches of Mr. Freeze.  We use our water table as an easy refill station for the kids.

3.  Water Table - This has been one of the kids' favorite toys this Summer.  They ask to fill it up every single day and it keeps them entertained for hours.  My 2-year-old loves to splash and dump water with small buckets and shovels.  We've also added toy boats, Superhero figurines, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates figures.  I love watching the boys use their imaginations.  

3.  Nerf Guns - My kids have recently discovered the stash of Nerf guns that I'd hidden from them.  It's not that I really have anything again them.  I knew the day would come when my little boys would want to grab guns and shoot things.  I was trying to save myself from fishing nerf darts out of the babies' mouths.  Although my husband and I have had a lot of fun shooting each other around the house, we quickly realized that we would need some rules about the boys shooting each other.  There new favorite thing is to set up a shooting gallery with blocks and little Lego men and Beanie Babies.  The kids love having targets to aim at, and I love knowing that they're not going to shoot an eye out!

4.  Stomp Rocket - (and it's on sale right now!) My 4-year-old first got to test out these fun rockets at his Preschool Field Day.  All of the kids loved it and he was so excited to receive one as a birthday gift.  Since then the kids have had a blast testing out their new rockets and experimenting to see how high and far they can make the rockets fly.  I love that this toy also helps the boys test out some science theories with force and velocity.  Not to mention that it helps them run and jump out all the extra energy!!

5.  Moon Bounce - This was one of our more extravagant purchases, but has been a wonderful way for the kids to use up their energy and it has certainly come in handy for birthday parties.  When I started researching to rent a moon bounce, I realized that we could buy one of our own and it would pay for itself after a few parties.

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