Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Fun Weekly Kid's Co-op

My kids have started their countdown to the end of the school year. Summer always means lots of fun trips and creative learning at home. The boys were particularly excited when I showed them some of the activities from last week's Weekly Kid's Co-op. Here are some of their favorites that they're looking forward to trying this summer:

Ice Boats on a Tin Foil River from Reading Confetti.

We actually still have colored ice cubes in the freezer from the last time we did ice-cube painting that will be perfect for this!   

They also fell in love with these Clothespin Catapults from Housing a Forest.  
I can see flying marshmallows in my future!!

Lots of Sensory Bin ideas from Crayon Freckles

And, these great Outdoor Activity Jars made with Rocks 
from KC Edventures!  

So many great ideas to get us started for a Summer of Fun.  Now it's your turn to link up your ideas and get some new ones with this week's Weekly Kid's Co-op. 

The Weekly Kids Co-Op
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