Thursday, May 30, 2013

50 Things To Do This Summer & the Weekly Kid's Co-op

Summer is fast approaching. My 4-year-old is graduating from preschool today and it seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital! Next week, the rest of the kids will finish with school and summer will officially begin. Last week, Full Hands, Full Hearts and You'll Thank Me One Day shared some wonderful Summer Bucket Lists!  In the spirit of summer fun, I'm sharing some of our family's "must-dos" for this summer.
  1. Go blueberry picking
  2. Check out the Free/Cheap Summer Movies from Regal.
  3. Attend a baseball game (major or minor league)
  4. Visit a new playground.
  5. Head to the pool (as often as possible!)
  6. Have a picnic at the train museum.
  7. Visit Disney World
  8. Visit a local water park.
  9. Play in the sprinkler.
  10. Grow a vegetable garden.
  11. Visit the zoo.
  12. Visit the county fair and feed the animals.
  13. Join the Summer Reading Program at the local library.
  14. Attend an outdoor concert in Downtown.
  15. Spend an afternoon at the Discovery Museum.
  16. Play putt-putt golf.
  17. Eat dessert BEFORE dinner.
  18. Go camping in the backyard and make smores.
  19. Go fishing.
  20. Read a new book together and THEN watch the movie.
  21. Catch lightning bugs.
  22. Make homemade Popsicles.
  23. Take advantage of Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day
  24. Build a blanket fort.
  25. Make homemade bubbles.
  26. Do some messy science experiments.
  27. Hunt for shells.
  28. Stargaze
  29. Go on a bug hunt.
  30. Tie-dye a shirt.
  31. Visit the Farmer's Market.
  32. Learn a new skill.
  33. Watch fireworks. 
  34. Learn about a new animal.
  35. Feed the ducks.
  36. Start a band.
  37. Host a kickball game for the neighborhood.
  38. Ride the bike trail.
  39. Visit an indoor bounce gym.
  40. Paint with shaving cream.
  41. Have a car wash (even if it's toy cars)
  42. Paint outside with water.
  43. Host an ice cream party.
  44. Splash in puddles.
  45. Play flashlight tag after dark.
  46. Make a kite.
  47. Make a bird-feeder.
  48. Read an autobiography.
  49. Make a paper airplane.
  50. Dress-up and put on a play.
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