Monday, April 15, 2013

Broken Zippers and Holey Jeans

This afternoon, I sat in the nursery rocking the baby for a few moments of peace. I needed a moment to pray, to regroup, and to remind myself how lucky I am to be home ALL DAY LONG with my kiddos. I had just finished a little prayer asking for strength and guidance when my 4-year-old walked in....

I started asking him about his day and he told me that he and his friend were going to get lots of new sweaters.  Since we just got a heatwave this week, I found this comment strange and asked him why he wanted new sweaters.  His answer broke my heart:

"Because if I get new sweaters, then you won't be mad at me.  You know, because I broke the zippers in my other ones."

Heart shattered.  That 4-year-old completely humbled his Mommy with less than two sentences!  Weeks ago, my rambunctious little boy destroyed his third piece of clothing in two days, and in a moment of frustration I snapped at him.  I huffed about having to get new sweaters and new pants and then we went to change his clothes.  I moved on and I had almost forgotten all about this exchange...but he hadn't!  What pain had I caused my sweet little boy with my temper tantrum about his clothes?!

Immediately, I got down on the floor with him and drew him into my lap.  I told him how sorry I was that I had gotten angry with him and I told him that he was so much more important to me than any piece of clothing, or toy, or piece of broken furniture.  I told him that I loved him and then he looked at me with those mischievious eyes, smiled and said, "I know that, Mommy!  Can we read a story now?"

As he picked out a book for us, I sent up a quick prayer thanking God for this little reminder of how precious this time is, and how important my heart attitude is for my children's well-being!  I know that I will fail again - many times, but I am thankful that every day my children (and my God) give me the chance to try again!

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  1. We had a zipper break on a sleep sack last husband was so frustrated and swearing up a storm. I didn't see what the big deal was, and your story just affirms that for me. Clothes break, and wear out, it just happens. Thank you for posting and verbalizing what I had felt...hopefully, this will stay with me when my son comes of the age when he will break things and I can remain calm.