Monday, February 4, 2013

What's Inside a Kiwi Crate?

Running an in-home daycare, it's my job to come up with fun, creative activities for the kids to do all day, but I have to admit that even I hit a wall every now and then and need help.  Things get hectic when we have birthday parties to plan and other things going on.  And sometimes, I just don't feel like being creative!!  That's why I LOVE Kiwi Crate and their activity boxes.  I recently received an Antarctic Adventure crate to try out and the kids had so much fun with it!

The kits come with everything you need to complete art projects, science experiments, games and other activities revolving around a theme of your choice.

The color instructions are so easy to follow.  How easy??  Last week, while I was decorating a birthday cake, I made two 8-year-old's my "art teachers" and let them lead a mini class using the directions as a guide.  I read the informational section about the Aurora Borealis (yay for sneaking some science into our day) and let them help the younger kids create Aurora postcards using the included oil pastels and watercolors.  It was great fun for everyone and I was able to get the birthday cake iced!

The kit also came in handy during a recent snow day when it was just too miserable to be outside.  We decorated penguins and had fun with Penguin Bowling!  The kids even got to practice some math skills as they kept score!

I love that each kit also comes with additional activities in the "explore more" booklet.  Our kit included a penguin ice tray (I see penguin-shaped recycled crayons in our future) and several ice cube experiments for the kids to try.  These have been absolute life-savers for the several snow days we've had recently!  Need an extra activity to occupy several elementary school kids?  Let's just open up this box!!

I've already shared how much I love non-clutter birthday presents, but I really can't say enough good things about these kits.  Any child would love to receive one!  With these kits, you're encouraging creativity, science and math skills, and creating great memories for the whole family!  Plus, now Kiwi Crate is offering single crate purchases instead of buying a subscription.  You can get several of their most popular crates, including Fairy Fun, Making Music, and Pirate Adventure, for only $19.95.
Delightful kids' projects delivered right to your door.  <See Sample Crates>
Looking for a better deal?  For TODAY (2/4/2013) only, you can get 25% off your first month of Kiwi Crate during their Be My Valentine Sale by using the Promo code: LOVE

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Kiwi Crate makes it so easy for busy parents to spend time crafting and learning with their children.  In an era where Pinterest and Facebook make all moms feel like they should be creating elaborate projects and recreating the classroom at home, it's nice to know that Kiwi Crate is around to give you everything you need to feel like Super Mom without the hassle!

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Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  I also received a free kit for the purpose of this review.  As always, all opinions are strictly my own and I only endorse products that I use personally and would recommend fully.  

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