Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Re-cap and Kid's Co-op 9/29

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Fall is in full swing...I can tell by the sniffly noses and sore throats running rampant through our house!  Of course, that doesn't slow down my boys :)

This week we had some fun with egg cartons and Fall crafts.

We made these egg-carton ladybugs for Recipes for Fun and some spiders that I'll share next week.

We also tried our hand at homemade mod podge and put together these fun numbered photo puzzles with some pictures from our last trip to the zoo!

Finally, we tried our hand at a fun craft that was linked up in last week's Kid's Co-Op.  I loved these Fall trees from Sugar Snips.  My mother-in-law gave me the cutest little cookie cutters that included leaves and I knew this was the perfect craft for them!  This is what they were supposed to look like.

This is how ours turned maybe 2 year-olds aren't quite ready for this one, but they sure had fun doing it!

I wish I had gotten pictures of what the kids (and the table!) looked like after this one, but I was too busy trying to clean them up :)

If you missed it, you'll definitely want to check out our 31 Days of October Crafts for Kids!  There are a bunch of great ideas there for non-scary Halloween fun!

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  1. Such cute crafts. My baby girl (8) is the only one who'll do them with me anymore. The boys (10, 12,13) are beyond them.
    Sniff Sniff