Monday, May 7, 2012

Sugar Bugs Craft - Fighting Cavities with Kids

Usually I'm one for telling kids the proper names for things. All of my children have seen me nurse their siblings and I answer their questions simply and with age-appropriate facts. When it comes to their dental hygiene, though, I just love the little names that our hygienist uses with them :) She always tells the kids that she's going to tickle their teeth and look for "sugar bugs". Of course, we've talked to the kids about plaque and they know all about brushing and flossing, but there's something about the idea of "sugar bugs" dancing around their mouths that gets them to open wide and lie still for their exams - so I'm okay with it!

This week, as part of our Dental Theme, we decided to make our own "sugar bugs" and they came out so cute!  The kids now have images of themselves as super heroes fighting the bugs with toothbrush and floss in hand :)

For this craft, we used:
egg cartons
pom balls
googly eyes
tacky glue
construction paper
pipe cleaners
paper plates

To prep for this activity: I cut an egg carton into individual cups.

1.  First, each child painted their egg cup.  As they painted, we talked about how we take care of our teeth and what happens if we don't brush and floss.  I told them how our dentist calls plaque "sugar bugs" and that the bugs can get stuck to our teeth and cause cavities.
2.  After they finished painting, we sprinkled the egg cups with sugar and let them dry.
3.  The next day, we glued pom balls and googly eyes on to make the faces for our bugs.  Then we cut and bent 1" pieces of pipe cleaners for the antennae and construction paper feet out for our bugs.  

The kids loved their little bugs!

What tricks do you use to get your kids to brush?

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  1. Avery absolutely LOVES these ( I do too!) she shows them to EVERYONE when they walk in the door! I didn't know the story behind why they were called sugar bugs... I will remember that for later! :)

  2. Love this craft, gonna try with my youngins!

  3. What a wonderful idea, it's also like teaching them about dental care. Thanks.

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