Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coffee Filter Save the World Handprint Craft

In the middle of our Earth Day and Arbor Day crafts, we made these sweet little coffee filter globes. The kids had fun painting their globes and then we used our handprints to personalize how we can help make the world a better place.
For this craft we used:
 Coffee Filters 
Small bowls 
blue and green food coloring 
white and peach construction 
paper markers 

 1. I gave each child a coffee filter on a piece of white construction paper and a paintbrush. We shared the bowls of food coloring and water (I made the the colors pretty dark, but they still turned out lighter in the final project than we wanted. Next time we'll make them darker or put a few drops straight on the coffee filter and then "bleed" them with water.)
2. After the kids painted their coffee filters blue and green, we let them dry and traced our hands on peach paper. For a more diverse class, you'll want to have various colors of skin tone available in your construction paper.
3. Together, we listed out ways we can help the Earth based on the books we read and activities done throughout the week. Some of them included picking up trash, planting flowers/trees, recycling, re-using old things, turning off lights/water when not in use, feeding the birds, etc. 4. Each child chose something they could do and we wrote them on our hands. 5. After the globes dried, we put glued our hands to the top.

These would make a great bulletin board!

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