Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Egg Letter Matching

There's something about hunting for plastic eggs that sends my kids into a frenzy of activity. In fact, the minute those bright eggs are pulled out, my kids are instantly attuned to whatever we're doing. I decided to use that interest to my advantage and try out this neat activity I found on Pinterest last year. Granted, I don't know if this is exactly how they used their eggs, but the picture alone was enough to get my creative juices flowing!

For this activity, we used:
26 plastic eggs
Sharpie marker
ABC foam mat
a bucket for each child

To prep for this activity, I used the sharpie marker to write the letters of the alphabet on each of the eggs. I wrote the capital letter on the top of the egg and the lower-case letter on the bottom of the egg as shown in the picture.
1. We were going to do this activity outside, but it was chilly and looked like rain on the day I had it planned, so we changed our plans. I took the eggs apart and ended up hiding the pieces downstairs in our basement. At this point, the basement was pretty messy. I hurt my back last week and we weren't as good about putting our toys away. Since I was starting to feel better, I figured we would use hunt for eggs and clean at the same time :) It worked like a charm! I hid all of the eggs under toys and blankets that needed to be put away. The kids had a blast picking up and finding the hidden toys.
The Before Shot
After some cleaning.

2. After we found the eggs, the kids sat down and counted how many eggs pieces they had. Then, we sorted them all by color.
3. Each child then took a color and started matching the capital and lower case letters. I helped some of the younger kids and made sure that they were matching the correct letters. (After they were matched, we realized that we were still missing a few pieces so we continued the hunt!)

4. To make sure we had all of the eggs, we did another letter matching game. I gave each child an egg and they would run over to our letter foam mat and match it with the correct letter. Instead of having them race each other, I had them work together to race the clock. After all the eggs were placed, it was easy to see if we had found all the eggs.

These eggs have been a huge hit! The kids have had a blast hiding them for each other and trying to match them back up! I love when a fun game can reinforce learning :)

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  1. This is such a fun idea! I can think of lots of thing you could match with eggs too!