Friday, February 10, 2012

Heart Puppy Puppets

We've been having lots of fun reading Valentine's Day Picture Books this week and making heart-shaped crafts. One of our unexpected favorites were these puppy puppets. The kids had a blast putting on puppet shows and including them in their pretend play for the rest of the day.

For these puppets, we used:
A lunch-sized paper bag for each child
Red, pink, white, and black construction paper

1.  To prep for this craft I cut a large red heart, one medium-large pink heart, two small white hearts, one small black heart, two medium black hearts, and two medium pink hearts as shown in the picture.
2.  Then, I helped the kids assemble their puppy puppets as shown in the picture.

These went great with our readings of Clifford's First Valentine's Day and Clifford, We Love You!

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  1. My students made these today! thanks so much for the quick and easy craft!


    1. Simone - Thanks so much for letting me know! I'm glad you found something you could use :) Happy Valentine's Day!!