Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Re-using Those Holiday Cards

Christmas is over and the clean-up process has begun in our house. Yesterday, I came across all of our Christmas cards and struggled again with what we should do with them. I hate to just toss them out (or even recycle them). Our friends and family spent time and money getting photos taken, picking out the perfect cards, and sending their season's greetings to us. Over the years, we've come up with some neat things to do with them, and some other readers shared ideas that I wanted everyone to benefit from.

1. Photo Cards - We put these cards in our children's photo albums. They have their own small albums where we keep extra pictures that didn't turn out quite the way I wanted for their scrapbooks. They also have pictures from church and school functions. The photo cards from friends and family go there so they can keep track of people they don't see on a regular basis. The kids love going through their albums and talking about all the people in there.

2. Puzzles - Cards with winter scenes make fun puzzles this time of year to keep little hands busy. They're also good for traveling and dinners out in case a piece gets lost or the bag is left behind.

3. Gift Tags/Homemade Cards - Each year, we save cards for the next year to be used as gift tags and materials for homemade cards. We just cut around the figures or scenes that we want to use and hole punch them for gift tags or glue them onto construction paper to make new homemade cards for loved ones.

4. Prayer Basket - I love this idea! Keep the cards in a basket near your kitchen table and each night choose a card and pray for the sending family when you pray for your evening meal. Another family shared that they each choose a card and pray for that family during their devotions. Then, throughout the year, you know that your friends and loved ones are being lifted up in prayer!

What do you do with your leftover holiday cards?

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