Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peppermint Handprint Craft & Poem

Today, we made these adorable little peppermint handprint keepsakes.  I love crafts like this that you can pull out next year and look at how much their little hands have grown.
To make this craft, we used:
White and Red (or any color) construction paper
A small bread plate and cup (to trace for circles)
Red (or any color) paint

1.  First I traced a small bread plate on white construction paper for the larger circle of peppermint and a small cup on red paper for the inner circle of the peppermint.  I free-handed the outer wrapping of the peppermint making sure that the pieces were large enough to fit everyone's handprint.

2.  Older kids can cut these circles out on their own.

3.  Then, I used a ruler to divide the circle into 16 sections so the kids could color them in to resemble candies. 
You can encourage the kids to make a pattern with this or just let them choose their own colors.  The younger kids will likely just scribble through the sections, but encourage them to use lots of color and fill as much space as possible.  (I even got to sit down and color my own with the kids!)

4.  After they finished coloring, the kids glued in their red circles where I had written our poem.  (You could also print this out on the computer and let them glue them on.):

I Think You're Sweet As Candy
Your Love Always Makes Me Smile

Please Keep These Hands to Remind You
Of When I Was Just a Child

5.  One at a time, I painted each child's hands and helped them make a print on each side of the wrapper.  (With little ones, make sure that you don't let go of their hand during the entire process.  You'll also want to have a wet towel handy to wipe them off until you can get everyone to the sink.)
6.  After the handprints dried, we glued our peppermints together and I put everyone's name on their candy, along with the year.

7.  You can also hole-punch these and tie some holiday ribbon on them for hanging.

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