Thursday, November 17, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Turkeys

Today we read Gus, the Pilgrim Turkey by Teresa Bateman where Gus becomes a Pilgrim as he leaves his home where he doesn't feel safe and travels to a new land where he meets some new friends that help him survive.

To go along with the story we made toilet paper roll turkeys.  These cute little turkeys were so easy to make and would make adorable place cards for a kids table!
HA!  I just noticed my son's cup in the background!  I guess that's real life for you :)

To make them, you'll need:
Toilet paper rolls for each child
Brown, Red, Yellow, and Orange Construction Paper
Wiggly Eyes

1. Cut out a rough shape of the turkey body out of brown construction paper.
2. Cut out feather shapes out of the red, yellow, and orange construction paper.
3. Use the scrap orange and red paper to make an orange triangle for the beak and a squiggly gobbler.

4. Let the kids glue their eyes, beak, and gobbler onto their turkey heads. On the bottom, write the child's name or "Give Thanks".
5. Help the kids write something they are thankful for on each of the feathers. Some kids will be ready to write these themselves. Others can help you sound out the letters for what they are thankful for.
6. Let the kids glue the feathers onto the back of their turkeys.
7. Let dry!

This would also be a great activity for Thanksgiving Day for the older kids to help the younger ones with.

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