Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY: Last Minute No-Sew Superbaby Costume

I really hate spending money on Halloween costumes.  It seems silly to me to spend so much on something that they'll only wear once (and maybe toss into the dress-up bin).  In the past, we've gotten costumes from Freecycle, consignment shops, and made our own costumes.  Somehow, I don't mind buying pieces of costumes (sweatpants, certain color shirts, hats, etc.) that I know they can wear again.

This year, I broke down and bought my oldest son a Batman costume.  I got it on sale for $8 and I'm pretty sure his younger brothers will wear it one day :)  My middle son was content to be Buzz Lightyear this year - a costume his brother wore two years ago, so that just left the baby.  We decided to make him Superbaby using materials that we already had at home.  I was actually able to put this costume together absolutely FREE using stuff that I already owned.  (Granted, I do have an unusually large amount of random craft stuff.)

Here's what I used:
1 blue footed sleeper (his had airplanes on it, but it worked well enough)
Red and Yellow Felt
White Crayon
Red Fabric
Safety Pins
Glue Gun
Red Cloth Diaper (you could also use felt or fabric for this)

1.  First, I printed out a Spiderman logo to use as a template and traced it onto the felt using the white crayon.

2.  Then I used the red fabric to cut out the rough shape of a cape and used the hot glue gun to make a simple seam.

3.  Once the baby was in his sleeper, I CAREFULLY pinned on his cape and the front logo while his brothers entertained him.
4.  Then, I put the red diaper on the outside to complete his look.  Here is our VERY sleepy Superbaby after Trunk-or-Treating with his brothers.
*5. (Optional) We didn't bother with this, but you could also add red socks for the boots and put a strip of red felt around the top to make them look more like boots.

All in all, it was a simple no-sew costume that required very little work.

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  1. This is such a cute idea. I love the part about your large random supply of craft stuff too! Thank you so much for sharing this post with me. It is a great addition to my list. : )