Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Little Red Hen - Handprint Craft

We're reading Nursery Tales this week so I pulled out the folder of Nursery Rhyme/Tale crafts and found this one.  I'm a sucker for a handprint craft :)

Reading Connection:  The Little Red Hen is a fun read-aloud for kids of all ages.  While doing your picture walk before reading, you can ask small children about the types of animals they see and what sounds they make.  Then they can predict where they think the story takes place.  Also, have them notice who looks like they're doing all the work in the pictures - do they like it when they have to do all the work?  This will get them ready for reading - you might hear this referred to as "activating their schema".

After reading, see if your child can tell you who this story was about (the main character), what her problem was, and how she solved it.  You can also bring in the moral lesson of how you have to do work in order to get rewards.

For the craft, you will need
red, white, and orange construction paper, glue, red paint, markers/crayons

  1. Give your child a white piece of construction paper and red cut-out shapes as shown above for the body, head, and crown of the hen.  They will also need an orange triangle for the beak (not shown).  This is a great chance to review colors.  Help them glue them into the hen shape.  I usually let the child do this any way they want as long as it's relatively close.
  2. Use a sponge or paintbrush to cover your child's hand in red paint and place it on the back of the hen for the feathers.  Be sure to have a washcloth or wipe handy so you don't end up with red handprints all over the kitchen.  (I wish I had more pictures, but I did this with 7 kids and it got a little hands-on)
  3. Use markers to add feet and eyes.  (You can also use wiggly eyes for this)
  4. Add a title and your child's name and age.  I always like to date crafts that include handprints :)
Additional activity - this would be a great time to bake some homemade bread or biscuits with your child.  They will get a kick out of doing some of the same activities that the Little Red Hen did and then everyone will be able to help eat the bread :)

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  1. Very cute and I love the idea of baking and doing the same kind of thing the Little Red Hen did. So cleaver! I am a new follower from the Show and Share Saturday Link Up. Vicky @

  2. Thanks for the visit Vicky! I love your blog and am already following. My kids love any excuse to cook!